Values and Purpose

Values and Purpose Statement

Our Values

Transparency & Open Minds
Respect & Humility
Data & Information
Logic & Reason
Democracy & Collaboration

Our Purpose

To improve the political representation of the American people and the efficacy of their government

What it means to be a member of the Information Party

Becoming a member of the Information Party does not mean that you take on all of the stances of the Party at any one time or ever. In this sense, being a member of the Information Party means something very different from being a member of the Democrat, Republican, or 3rd Party. Rather, being an Info Party member means associating yourself with our core values, not any specific political stances.

We operate under the following principles:

- We are the decision makers and make those decisions without asking anybody’s permission and we stand for them.
- We take initiatives and respect those of others.
- We aren’t afraid to try out new things or new ways to shape opinion and drive the public debate.
- We understand that mistakes happen and that as long as we document and learn from them action is always better then fear.
- We believe in the 3 Information Party member rule, if three members agree on something to make the core goals of the party a reality they have authority to act in the party’s name.
- We depend on our cohesion and our ability to advance one another.
- We trust one another and know that each of us wants the best for the Information Party.
- We avoid criticizing the initiatives of others because action is to do something for the party.
- We communicate positively. If we see a decision we dislike, we make our point about why we dislike it and explain why an alternative could be better.
- We compensate for actions we dislike by taking an initiative of our own more in line with our own ideals. If we see something we dislike, we respond by doing something we like.
- We need diversity in our activism and strive for it.
- We respect knowledge & In discussing a subject, any subject, hard measured data is preferred and a person with experience in the subject is 2nd best source of information.
- We accept knowing and having experience take precedence before thinking and feeling, and hard data takes precedence before knowing.
- We agree knowledge and information should be free and accessible equally to all.
- We respect the time and focus of our co-activists, and the focus of the organization. When we see internal conflict, we dampen it by encouraging positive communication.
- We work actively to spread love and respect, and to dampen aggression and distrust.
- We act with dignity and are always showing respect in our shaping of public opinion: respect toward each other, toward newcomers, and toward our adversaries.
- We act with courtesy, calm, and factuality, both on and off the record.
- We understand this is a long term plan to make our future better and are willing to commit our time freely when ever we can during our life. No action big or small is with out merit.
- We work in 2 year cycles broken up into 8 week chunks so that we can set large, medium and small goals on regular intervals all members can become accustom to.
- We do not claim to represent the party as a whole but rather promote it’s core ideals as part of our own personal beliefs.
- We lead by organizing, doing and inviting others to do the same.