Quick Start Guide

The purpose of this guide is to get you fully up and running as an active member of The Information Party as quickly and easily as possible. Thank you for taking time out of your life to even be reading this and wanting to be apart of something that will very well change the world!

There are 5 core steps to getting up and running as a functional member of this party

  1. Discover the party!
    GREAT JOB, You are already here. So you know, all information you need for anything related to our movement can be found at www.theinformationparty.org. We suggest you take some time to read through the Mission Statement and Purpose & Values Documents as these are the core documents that drive the parties actions.
    Take a moment to fill out this quick survey to add yourself to our Bio page and put yourself in the history books as one of the original members of the party.
  2. Setup Access to the Party Tools
    This is the collection of tools we utilize to stay organized and connected. Each one links to how you can register for that particular tool. They are in order of importance for those new comers just wanting to start off slow.
    • Email List
      • This is the primary email list where you will receive our weekly updates on the parties progress and important things that affect it.
    • Forum
      • This is where legislation is developed along with where local groups continue their conversations after and/or before local meet ups.
      • After registering make your first post here and be apart of the conversation.
    • Chat Room
      • This is where you can have live conversations with leaders at all different levels of the party along with watching or participating in online meetings.
    • Wiki
      • This is where you can put research for the party and assign yourself to tasks that need to be completed.
    • Application Development
      • This is really only for those who have a technical background and/or want to get involved with the development of the party’s software application.
  3. Discover Your Skill Set
    This is a simple self acknowledgment of what you do and don’t know and how you can contribute to the project. If you are unsure of where you can contribute hop in the chat room and talk with a leader or find a local group to meet up with. If no group exists you could always start one. The most powerful thing you can do for this movement is to get a group of people together to talk about it.
  4. Find a Task
    Now that you have an idea of what you can, will, and won’t do check out our Task Board and see if there is anything you can take action on RIGHT NOW! There is a section for Simple Tasks that are new member friendly you should look at. If all else fails to grab your attention you could always start a meet up for local people in your area. Did we mention it’s the most powerful thing you can do for this movement?
  5. Get Help From Your Leadership
    This is simply finding out who your direct leadership is utilizing the tools provided here and asking them to help you get started or to support you in any action steps you would like to take. Everyone here wants to help and support each other in this movement so don’t be a superhero and try to do it all alone. If you see a gap in leadership in your area maybe it’s time you step up to the plate. One of the party’s community managers will be more then happy to help guide and support you in setting up an initial meet up group so local people can get together and talk about what can be done to solve the problems at hand. After all, its the most powerful action that can be taken. ;)