Mission Statement


We are going to prove to the people that our voice matters and that our vote matters too. We are going to take back our democracy by forcing our representatives to pass legislation WE design.

The Information Party’s sole purpose is to provide the platform for a true political party that is for the people by the people. Our goals are simple and straight forward.

1. Reach out to the public and build a voting base powerful enough to swing any election in any district. Thus giving the people’s party the power to choose between the two candidates put forth by the elite party’s. Giving way to push our goals for the future of our government. This ability could trickle down to the primary level also.

2. Provide an environment for experts in their fields (not politicians) to discuss and develop solutions to how our government system operates through development of small pieces of legislation that fix the broken edges as oppose to one massive overhaul of any single piece.

3. Observe and document everything our elected officials do in a fashion that is open, unbiased, and informative so that this information can be provided in a digestible form come election time. We must become a 100% reliable and trustworthy source of information for our voting base.

4. Make everything we are apart of as open and accessible to the common person as possible. No one person willing to know should be denied.

5. Fight to make our elections open and honest by removing money from politics through legislation and leading by example by building this movement completely out of volunteers and their passion to make our country a better place by fixing the system that governs it.

6. Build a political environment of discussing solutions to the problems not one of winning or loosing partisan based solutions.